kathy winings 2016Welcome to the academic program at UTS! Our diverse graduate degrees are designed to provide the knowledge, theory and tools needed to work effectively in today's fast-paced and global society. Life in the 21st Century is certainly a lot different from life in the previous decades. For one, we are living in a society that is increasingly multi-cultural and multi-religious. Even our congregations may be more diverse than ever before with youth and young adults frequently changing their religious identities and with the increase in inter-religious marriages. Not to mention the idea of inter-faith congregations and ministries developing every day.

Life today is also different because of the impact of what some have called the postmodern era. What was accepted as fact and truth a decade ago may now be questioned by the newer generations. Standards and questions of right and wrong that were once viewed as absolute have now become viewed as relative. Boundaries that once existed have fallen by the wayside. If nothing else, the postmodern era has been described as a time in which question and doubt are commonplace.

And of course, no discussion of life in the 21st Century would be complete without a nod to the digitalization of society. On the one hand, we communicate more than ever before thanks to our iPads, iPhones, SmartPhones, Netbooks, Facebook and all of the other forms of digital communication that are now possible. Yet, on the other, what is the nature of that communication? Are we really communicating or are we just exchanging words and information? Each advance in our digital, technological world has brought the far corners of the world to our very doorstep. But are we really prepared to live, work and minister in such a world?

Our UTS faculty and administration are committed to helping each and every student ask the questions that are necessary to minister effectively in this ever-changing world. Each of our courses are designed to not only provide profound theoretical knowledge but to also challenge our students to reflect more deeply than before and develop the courage and skills essential to meet these changes head on and contribute to God's Kingdom as they feel called to do. At UTS, everyone is learning everyday - faculty, administrators and students. This is a learning community that students will find energizing, growthful and empowering. Take the time to look through our course listings in our online UTS Catalog. Look at each of the degree programs that we offer to find the one that is right for you. Then visit the campus and apply to become part of our amazing Seminary community. You will be glad that you did.

Kathy Winings
Vice President for Academic Affairs