August 21, 2020

Dear Faculty, Students, and Staff:

Warm greetings to each of you as we begin the Fall 2020 semester!

While we look forward to a new semester academically, nothing has greater importance than the health and safety of our students, faculty and staff. Because of the ongoing COVID-19 challenges, Unification Theological Seminary has decided to conduct its classes online for the Fall 2020 semester. Meetings or gatherings of any kind will be minimized for this term.

In any case where a face-to-face meeting is absolutely required, the Seminary, in compliance with guidelines established by the New York Department of Health (DOH) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC), has developed and will follow a comprehensive plan to ensure the health and safety of our students and employees. We would like to share with you some of the vital public health and safety measures that we are putting in place at UTS for the Fall:

Face Masks

UTS will require all faculty, staff and students to wear face coverings when on UTS facilities this Fall. If you do not have a mask, one will be provided to you when you visit the UTS campus.

Physical Distancing

We will enforce a policy requiring all Seminary employees and students to maintain at least 6 feet of distance between each other while on UTS premises. Desks are placed further apart in classrooms. In common spaces, seats will be removed to ensure there is 6 feet between individuals. Markings on the floor may indicate the traffic patterns on Seminary premises have been changed.

Sanitary Practices

On the UTS premises, those present must engage in proper handwashing throughout the day. Soap (restrooms) and hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes will be available in all active areas of the campus. Those visiting campus for UTS business are asked to wash their hands regularly during the day or take advantage of the hand sanitizing stations in place on campus.

Protocols and Health Check-in Prior to Visiting the UTS Campus

Faculty and staff will be permitted to visit campus facilities on a limited, pre-approved basis, and the number of individuals visiting campus at a given time will be restricted. Approvals will be limited to visits that are deemed to be absolutely necessary. Meetings with faculty or staff should take place virtually through Zoom or by telephone unless circumstances unavoidably necessitate a physical meeting.

Campus visits are permitted to take place only on Tuesdays throughout the Fall semester. All visits must be pre-approved a minimum of 24 hours in advance by UTS administrators. Faculty and current students are required to contact the Office of the Academic Dean by emailing Faculty Secretary Karen Mathew ( for pre-approval. Other staff members and prospective students are required to contact to request permission to visit campus.

Once pre-approved, individuals will be provided with an online health and wellness COVID-19 screening questionnaire, which must be completed prior to traveling to campus.

Any visitor who has not received prior approval or has not completed the online screening will be turned away at the entrance to the 43rd Street building. Visitors to campus will be escorted at all times and must depart the premises after completing the purpose of the approved visit.

Individuals may not come to UTS if they exhibit any symptoms of illness and could therefore be potentially contagious. We ask that all Seminary employees and students agree that if a COVID positive person is identified on campus, or if their contacts receive a positive COVID-19 test, to participate in our contact tracing process so that we can identify those exposures early and help each individual to self-isolate to prevent further spread of the virus.

Enhanced Cleaning Practices

In addition, we have adopted enhanced cleaning policies at UTS. All high-touch areas will be cleaned and disinfected routinely in accordance with guidelines issued by the CDC and the New York DOH.


We are very pleased to welcome you to UTS and wish you a most meaningful, successful, and healthy Fall 2020 semester. We hope that together we can do everything possible to stay healthy and get the most out of the coming semester. God bless you and your families!


March 23, 2020

Due to Gov. Cuomo’s executive order for the State of New York to go on “PAUSE,” the UTS campus at 4 W 43rd Street will be closed to students, alumni, faculty, and staff until further notice.

As previously announced, classes are only available online at this time. Students should contact their professors for any questions related to their courses. For general questions about UTS, please email one of our staff members.

We will post any new developments for students in Populi and on our homepage. Our prayers and thoughts are with our students, faculty, and staff, and with the world community during this time.


March 18, 2020

All Classes are only available online from March 16 through April 12, 2020. UTS Office Hours at 43rd Street remain operational from 10 AM until 6 PM, Monday through Friday during this period.

Visitors and those interested in UTS are welcome to visit our offices, tour our new exhibit, and also pick up literature on the second floor. There you can also be informed of how to contact any members of the UTS faculty and administration whom you need to reach.

These are some helpful contact points:

To Tour the UTS Exhibit during our Operational Hours:

Proceed to the Library and Student Lounge on the Second Floor to meet a UTS representative.

For Enrolled Students:

If you have any questions regarding your academic status, graduation, or wish to reach a faculty member, you may contact Academic Dean Dr. Keisuke Noda at or Senior Associate Dean and Registrar Ute Delaney at (845) 752 - 3000 x225 or

Contemplating Studying at UTS?

If you have questions regarding UTS classes and enrollments in Manhattan, you may call our Senior Admissions Counselor Joy Theriot at

If you have questions regarding our online M.A. program, you may contact Mr. Emiljun Rapada, Bursar and Admissions Counselor at

If you have questions regarding our Doctor of Ministry program, kindly contact Dr. Drissa Kone, Assistant Professor of Ministry and Director of Student Services, at

If you wish to contact the President’s Office for general questions regarding Admissions or Administration, please email or contact Christina Lange, Assistant to the President and Director of Special Projects at

Please respect CDC guidelines regarding best practices to avoid COVID 19 during this time


March 16, 2020

In light of the health and hygiene threats posed by COVID-19, the New York City campus of Unification Theological Seminary is closed effective immediately and it will remain so until at least Monday, April 13. We will continue all of our Spring 2020 classes but will conduct them via Zoom and/or Canvas until mid-April.

If they have not already done so, instructors will be in touch with their students, and students are also encouraged to contact their instructors with any questions or concerns. If there is difficulty reaching the professors for any reason, Dean Keisuke Noda ( and Senior Associate Dean and Registrar Ute Delaney ( are available to address any concerns.

We ask that members of the UTS community closely follow all preventative guidelines to protect against the virus:

Our prayers and thoughts are with our students, faculty, and staff, and with the world community in this challenging time.


March 11, 2020

Unification Theological Seminary is closely following ongoing developments related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in New York State. At this time, we are observing the following guidelines:

  • Any student, faculty or staff who is feeling sick should remain at home and teach or follow your courses via Zoom.
  • We recommend that the following hygiene protocols be respected:
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water. When these are not available, use hand sanitizer.
  • Do not shake hands, give hugs or kisses. We recommend “elbow bumps” instead.
  • Cover your coughs and sneezes with a tissue. If you don’t have a tissue, cough or sneeze into your elbow, not your hands.
  • For more information on how to protect yourself and your family visit:

Stay informed about your classes and other public events via Populi and the Home Page. Be aware that some faculty may choose to teach their course via Zoom.

We will post any new developments for students in Populi and on our homepage.

At this time classes are not cancelled, nor will they be cancelled for the remainder of the semester. However, depending on developments, classes could be moved completely online.

Students will be able to access courses via the links provided in Populi as well as via Canvas for Canvas-based courses.