ATS mapping the workforceUTS administrators often attend Association of Theological Schools (ATS) events. Experience shows that it is important for UTS to stay current with the conversations which are part of the theological landscape in North America. UTS has affiliate status with ATS

Robin James Graham, UTS Director of Institutional Advancement

Mapping the workforce: What Competencies do ATS Alums need?

Last year, as part of the Educational Models Workforce Mapping project, ATS conducted a first-of-its-kind study on alums from ATS schools. It surveyed 940 alums from 42 representative schools and two graduating classes (2015 and 2011), asking questions about their current jobs, what competencies they relied on, the degrees and credentials their employers required of them, and their coworkers.

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Deborah H. C. Gin is Director of Research and Faculty Development at The Association of Theological Schools in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.