This week is Spring Break for UTS students and faculty. However, behind the scenes, the work continues. There is steady progress being made in the areas of Alumni Relations, Development and Communications.

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The website is very active and more and more people are finding, and following, UTS on social media

Focusing on recruitment and marketing, the UTS brand continues to strengthen.

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Improvements to UTS' website ( and its content are being made continuously. This is where the News articles are published weekly and then distributed via email; like this article which you are reading right now.


All articles can be found at where UTS Communications brings you a wide variety of articles about alumni, the seminary, and news about the theological landscape of America.


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Faculty and staff recently received updated business cards, and several re-designed banners have been produced. Easy to set-up and lightweight to carry, the banners are used at recruitment tables for events throughout the New York Metro area. One banner is now proudly displayed outside the recruitment office at 4W43 in Manhattan.


A new UTS promotional video is almost ready to be published. The video explores the academic knowledge and professional skills gained at UTS. Furthermore, it highlights the career opportunities which lie ahead for our graduates.


uts brochure front



UTS' latest brochure is fresh off the presses and already being used to invite people to attend the seminary. The brochure is also available to download from the website. 


Please feel free to help us spread the word about UTS' four degree programs and three certificate courses to friends, colleagues, and other prospective students.

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The Guest Speaker series, a monthly feature at UTS 4W 43, is advertised widely in the New York metro area and is beginning to draw an audience from beyond UTS. 

The most recent presentation was on the Mongol House Project.

These are just some of the developments taking place. The work described supports all departments of UTS and most importantly our students.

If you would like to find out more about UTS then please contact us via