anthony and donna ferrantelloAs part of their community service and civic engagement, Anthony Ferrantello (UTS ’83) and Dr. Donna Ferrantello (UTS ’82) attended the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) at the Gaylord National Harbor Convention Center in Washington D.C. from Feb.21-25. The conference sponsors influential national and regional speakers who support Patriotism and ConstitutionalFreedoms in America.

Mr. Anthony Ferrantello (UTS ’83) and Dr. Donna Ferrantello (UTS ’82)

This year, Lawrence Jones, of, kicked off the Activism Boot Camp training given on Wednesday before the official start of the conference. He shared insightful and practical advice on how to engage university administrators to promote freedom of speech. As a consequence of the work of, more campuses are now implementing programs that allow a diversity of speakers in order to create a “free marketplace of ideas” that universities should be known for. In last year’sconference, about 47% of attendees at the conference were college age adults between 18-25 years old. This year’s conference was again well-attended by college groups who traveled to Washington D.C. for the four-day event.

Lawyer, Journalist and Editor of The Daily Wire, Ben Shapiro, participated in a meet and greet reception for all students and other attendees on Wednesday evening. Later, on Thursday afternoon, he gave a presentation recounting his addresses at college campuses (sponsored by Young American for Freedom) and the need for free speech, principled leaders and policies in education and government. During the meet and greet, the Ferrantellos spoke with Mr. Shapiro personally. Dr. Ferrantello shared her own contribution to an American Literature curriculum which highlights the theological issues in the formation of early America. “During that early American period,” she shared, “there was civic engagement from officials and ministers that encouraged civic responsibility, character education and biblical knowledge of God.”

As graduates of the early days of UTS, the Ferrantellos were educated in the providential role of American Christianity and the Constitutional protections of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness included in the formation of the Constitutional documents. Then, in the mid-1980’s, UTS seminarians were also given Victory over Communism education. Graduates and Faculty were encouraged by UTS Co-Founder, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, to establish campus and community education for faith, family andfreedom. This was needed to combat atheistic Marxism, moral and family decline and government overreach that threatened the loss of our basic freedoms given in the Constitution, such as Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Assembly, Religious Freedom, and the right to bear arms, to name a few. Both Anthony and Dr. Donna Ferrantello became pioneer CAUSA City Leaders who engaged ministers and civic leaders for the cause of freedom.

Currently, the Ferrantellos support principled leaders and political candidates on the national, state and local levels. Many of this year’s CPAC speakers and attendees acknowledge the positive changes implemented in the new administration, such as support for Religious Freedom, deregulation of unnecessary business restrictions, tax cuts and the consequent growth in the economy and job market, support for veterans and improvements in public and foreign policies in general. Speakers presented on the complex challenges of trade and patent infringements from other countries (China), foreign policy, Radical Islamism, domestic violence, opioid addiction and other current issues.Attendees also heard heartfelt presentations by President Donald Trump, Vice-President Mike Pence, several Cabinet Secretaries and other government officials. Both President Trump and Vice-President Pence affirmed our creator God and that our nation was meant to be “One Nation Under God, indivisible…with liberty and justice for all.”

All in all, the conversations at this annual event provided much information to digest, anda stimulating engagement with people of different backgrounds and ages. For access to the presentations see website and YouTube where archives for all annual conferences are provided.