hugh spurginUTS graduates are the light of the world. They are the physicians who care for those who are sick – spiritually and physically. Through them, God wants to realize His will on earth.  The UTS alumnae and alumni are ready to be living sacrifices so that others can know the love, truth and heart of God - our Heavenly Parent.

That was the vision of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon and his wife, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, who co-founded Unification Theological Seminary.  The Rev. Moon compared himself to a lighthouse keeper.  “No one pays attention to a lighthouse during the day, and especially today when the day is thoroughly lit by a false sun. The lighthouse keeper may be mocked and disregarded, but that is exactly why we are here today,” he said to a group of UTS alumni.

After the passing of the Rev. Moon, some people wondered whether there would be a future for the Unification movement and its interfaith seminary.  Despite many challenges, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon has been providing steady leadership.  She encourages UTS to raise up a new generation of spiritual leaders and to instill in them the motivation to lead meaningful lives in service to God and humanity.

UTS continues on the path of guiding future leaders in a multi-faith world.  At UTS, we are pursuing interfaith education and peacebuilding for clergy whether the students walk within a branch of the Christian faith or another faith tradition.   Our mission is to bridge religious and cultural divides. 

The UTS curriculum includes certificate courses for busy ministers to hone their pastoral skills through intensive courses.  A new satellite center has been launched by UTS in Prince George’s County, Maryland.  More online courses are being planned to serve students round the world.  UTS will use leading-edge communication technologies.

Our mission as a seminary is to contribute to the renewal of America and to peace on earth by educating a new generation of spiritual leaders to be people of high moral character who practice goodwill and service to others. UTS has a vision of these leaders expanding interreligious cooperation worldwide and passing on a legacy of love and hope to future generations.

Hugh D. Spurgin, Ph.D.