UTS Faculty Roundtable Series

The UTS Faculty Roundtable Series, a monthly event dedicated to presenting current academic research conducted by UTS faculty, alumni, and students. Each month will feature a new speaker and topic. The Faculty Roundtable is open to the public and will include time for discussion and refreshments following the presentation.

Upcoming Events in this Series
  • Dec 3 - Dr. Andrew Wilson: "The Only-Begotten Daughter"
  • Feb 25 - Dr. Keisuke Noda: "Paradoxes of Belief Systems: Viktor Frankl's Approach"
  • March 10 - Dr. Kathy Winings
  • March 31 - Dr. Michael Mickler
  • April 14 - Mrs. Ute Delaney
  • April 28 - Dr. Theodore Shimmyo
  • May 5 - Ms. Mi Young Eaton