out of galileeOut of Galilee: The History of Christian Thought as a Great Conversation is an ambitious exploration of Christian thought over two millennia. It discloses the remarkable unity in diversity of the thought of women, monks, mystics, men, philosophers, and theologians who are seeking to unfold the meaning and mystery of divine intention in Jesus Christ. From the first century in Galilee to the early apologists such as Irenaeus, from Augustine's Confessions to the mystic voices of Hildegaard of Bingen and Teresa of Avila, and to reformers such as Martin Luther and John Calvin, Christians have sought to understand the Christian vision and unfold paths of spirituality. The quest continues among Pietists, among Puritans such as Jonathan Edwards, and among Methodists. Together with modern thinkers such as Schliermacher and contemporaries such as Thomas Berry and Abhishiktanada, these notable figures have woven the living narrative of Christian thought. You will find them all here, in accessible language intended for a generalist audience. Avoiding technical language, Out of Galilee reveals the essential contributions of each to the story of Christian thinking through the ages.

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Darroll Bryant was involved in many conferences hosted by UTS in the late1970s. He has written and edited several articles and books analysing Unification Theology and culture.