DPSBI am excited to inform you that The Divine Principle Study Bible has finally become available as a Kindle e-book for your computer, reader, tablet and/or cell phone. It’s filled with active links. The book’s Topical Index comes alive with instant views of all the many referenced passages of Scripture. The speed at which the reader can explore and grasp the Divine Principle perspective in the Bible is now greatly enhanced. One thousand footnotes each jump conveniently into view, some with their own links back to the Topical Index, and the brief summary of The Divine Principle in the back of the book is also full of links back to cited Scripture passages. 

If you’re still wondering how the Bible and the Divine Principle relate with each other, this unique book will help make it clear. And, if you want more confidence to discuss the Divine Principle with your Christian friends, this book is a “must”. Readers will find that the Bible overwhelmingly supports the Principle from every angle, despite what some people may have been told. And, whereas many churches focus only on certain passages of Scripture which tend to define who they are or what they believe, the Divine Principle is the perspective that DOES NOT “cherry pick” the Bible. Rather, it reconciles God’s Word from beginning to end. It’s a refreshing experience for any open-minded Bible student. Become an expert on what the Bible says about the main topics related to the Principle. It’s the perfect tool for a Bible Study, for both students of the Bible as well as students of the Divine Principle. It was created with ACLC development in mind and is a timely tool for doing just that. 

And of course without the need to sacrifice trees and pay printers, the price of the Kindle book is more attractive; now $9.95 for the Kindle Study Bible and only $2.99 for those who already purchased a paperback edition from Amazon. Those who purchased the paperback Study Bible from eBay Books should contact Dr. Michael Hentrich for a reduced price for the Kindle edition. And, without the need to ship a heavy paper Bible around, readers all over the world can now use it. It won’t get any better than this. A contemporary English expression of the Bible. Available at Amazon.com.