nandi bengu in memoriamNomnandi "Nandi" Bengu ascended to the Spirit World on the morning of December 18 at Bellevue Hospital after over two years of battling the dreadful autoimmune disease, Lupus.

Nandi was born in South Africa on June 8, 1975. She joined the Unification Movement there, but in 1997 she travelled to the USA to support the American UM.

On November 28, 1997, Nandi was blessed in marriage with Mr. Jonte Moton at RFK Stadium in Washington DC. The union produced two beautiful girls, Hyung Ah (14) and Haylin (11).

In 1999, Jonte and Nandi set up home in Atlanta, Georgia where they raised their two children. She involved herself in the local activities of the Atlanta Family Church, where she led the choir to new heights. In 2013, Nandi and her two children moved to New York City, set up home in Harlem, and she deeply engaged herself in local activities. Nandi loved to sing. She was a firecracker in character, fearless in her determination to get things done, and deeply devoted to God.