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Estimated Expenses:

To facilitate adjustment to school life, it is recommended that entering students carefully anticipate tuition, fees, basic living expenses and moving costs, and make provision in advance for these financial obligations.

Total cost for students attending the Institution will vary according to personal needs.

Cost of Attendance:

Doctor of Ministry Program:

  One Semester Full Year
Tuition & Fees* $4,060 $8,120
Housing (off campus) $5,700 $11,400
Food $2,915 $5,830
Books/Supplies $800 $1,600
Transportation $675 $1,350
Loan Fees $109 $218
Miscellaneous $875 $1,750
TOTAL $15,134 $30,268

*Based on 7 credits@ $565 per credit and $105 in fees.


Master Programs:

  One Semester Full Year
Tuition & Fees** $5,220 $10,440
Housing (off campus) $5,700 $11,400
Food $2,915 $5,830
Books/Supplies $800 $1,600
Transportation $675 $1,350
Loan Fees $109 $218
Miscellaneous $875 $1,750
TOTAL $16,294 $32,588

** Based on 9 credits@ $565 per credit and $135 in fees.


Tuition and Fees

Tuition Graduate and Doctoral Programs

Tuition per credit per semester (including Dissertation Project credits) $565
Non-credit continuing education, tuition per class hour $165
Audit fee per credit $125
Continuing Thesis or Project Enrollment, per semester $150
Continuing Dissertation Enrollment, starting with 5th year of the program, per semester  $200

Tuition for Field Education taken during the summer or winter breaks will be allotted according to the term in which it is registered.


Registration Fees Graduate and Doctoral Programs

Registration Fee per Credit  $15

Other Fees

Application Fee $30
Graduation and Binding Fee $100
Transcript Fee $10
Transfer Credit Evaluation Fee (Master) $40
Deferred Payment Plan (full-time) $150
Deferred Payment Plan (part-time) $70
Late Payment Fee, per missed installment $35
Late Registration Fee (plus $15 per day after first day of classes)


Readmission Fee $70
Replacement of Student ID $5

Deferred Payment Plan

Students must pay at least 25% of their tuition at registration. All other Institutional fees must be paid in full at time of registration, including any past due balances. The remaining 67% of deferred tuition must be paid in three equal installments the 3 months following the first day of classes. A fee is assessed for choosing this option. A late fee of $35.00 will be assessed per missed installment. Student will not be allowed to register if there is a balance on their account.


Students officially withdrawing from courses up until the end of the first week of classes are entitled to a complete refund of tuition. Those withdrawing from the second week through the end of the seventh week of the term may receive a 50 percent refund of tuition. No refund will be given to students who withdraw after the end of the seventh week of the term. A student is responsible to pay whatever balance remains after withdrawing.

All fees are non-refundable.