Note: Available to UTS Grads prior to 1986.

We have good news for all alumni out there who graduated before we got our accreditation from New York State (1986).

It has taken some time to reach an agreement with the State Education Department about the conferral of degrees on students in your situation. At this point, the SED has approved awarding transfer credit "as merited and appropriate" for the course work you did previously at the Seminary and apply them to a Master's Degree. However, you must complete all current degree requirements which are quite different now from when you were at Barrytown. By now you will know that UTS changed from the trimester to the semester system in Fall 2006. As a result of this change it has become easier for you to receive an accredited Master degree. The most recent evaluations for the Master of Religious Education showed that students needed between zero and three courses. Evaluations for the Master of Divinity degree, though, showed that most students needed course work equivalent to about one year of studies. However, previous MDiv graduates are able to apply for an MRE degree and most required zero course work for the MRE degree. UTS has expanded its online offerings, and there is a high chance that you do not need to come to campus to take any missing courses. In order to determine how much or little work you have to do in order to get your degree, send a request to the Registrar ( - with your signature - for an evaluation. Include your current address, and make sure you include the name under which you attended UTS. If you requested an evaluation prior to Fall 2006, you may want to re-apply. You could be pleasantly surprised.