drissa kone profileAdjunct Assistant Professor of Ministry

Dr. Mari Curry has served in some form of ministry for over 15 years at various levels from local church as a ministry leader and later as a pastor, to the National Level as the vice President of the Unification Church. Her entire life has been focused on following God’s guidance and serving her larger community. Currently she serves as the President of the Research Institute for the Integration of World Thought (RIIWT). This organization was established “to encourage academic research on fundamental philosophical issues in a way that is both non-sectarian and respectful of the spiritual and intellectual traditions of the world.” She also serves as the director of the Blessed Marriage project which is affiliated with High Noon International that strives to enhance marriages through educational tools and retreats.

Dr. Curry is also passionate about education and leadership development. In the course of her ministry, she has pursued initiatives for church leadership development in the Unification church through seminars, trainings, educational material and collaborative efforts with UTS. She has directed the Unification Church leadership conference for over 5 years and was a part of the team that supported continuing education for the organization’s pastors and leaders.


  • D. Min - Unification Theological Seminary
  • Masters of Theology - SunHak Universal Peace Graduate School
  • BA - Willamette University


  • Pastors Boot Camp 2016-2018 - Traditions
  • RIIWT -  Education and the Unification Church 2019


Unification Traditions and Rituals