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Dr. Michael Mickler is a church historian whose teaching and research interests include the history of Christianity, the American religious experience, the Unification movement, and interreligious peace-building. He sees his task as one of balancing faith with scholarly objectivity, cross-disciplinary perspectives, and a commitment to dialogue with representatives of diverse Christian traditions and world faiths.

His books and numerous articles on the Unification Movement are recognized by the wider academic community and cited at length in major scholarly monographs. His 40 Years in America: An Intimate History of the Unification Movement, 1959-99 is the definitive account of the movement’s emergence and development in the United States. Dr. Mickler is Director of the Sunhak Institute of History which documents Family Federation activities in the United States.

Since joining the faculty in 1989, Dr. Mickler has served in a variety of administrative positions, including those of Academic Dean (1995-2000) and Vice-President (2000-2009, 2014-). He is an editorial board member of the Journal of Unification Studies. Dr. Mickler is Professor of Church History and current Vice-President of UTS.



  • Ph.D. Graduate Theological Union
  • M.A. Graduate Theological Union
  • Dipl. R.E. Unification Theological Seminary



  • Footprints of True Parents’ Providence: The United States of America (2013)
  • 40 Years in America: An Intimate History of the Unification Movement, 1959-1999 (2000)
  • A History of the Unification Church in America, 1959-74 (1993)
  • The Unification Church in America: A Bibliography and Research Guide (1987)


  • Journal of Unification Studies  

A Friendly Biography About an Extraordinary Man Michael Breen's Sun Myung Moon: The Early Years, 1920-53

Jumong: A Window into Korean and Unification Culture

The Da Vinci Code and Divine Principle

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Continuity and Innovation: The last Year's of Rev. Moon's Ministry, 2009-2012

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Notes Toward a Universal History: Insights from the Unification Principle

Spirit World Messages, Cross Removals and Coronations: Balancing Messianic Necessity and Coalition-Building

The Beginnings of Cheon Il Guk

The Bering Strait and Korea-Japan Tunnel Projects: A Strategic Planning Model

- The Great Jubilee Years 2007-08: A Transition Period in Unification Movement History

The Milingo Affair: Re-thinking the Unification Position on Clerical Celibacy and Ecumenism

Toward an “Abel” UN? The Unification Movement and the United Nations

Turning Points: Ten Defining Moments in the History of the Unification Tradition in America 1959-99


LTR 5131 Church History I

Honors / Awards / Memberships

  • Dr. Mickler is the primary historian of the Unification movement in America.