Bridging Religious and Cultural Divides

ronald brown profile smlAdjunct Professor in World Religions

- Ph.D. International Relations, University of Geneva, Switzerland
- M.T.S. World Religions, Harvard University Divinity School
- M.A. Modern History, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
- B.A. Modern History, Gannon University, Erie, Pa.

Dr. Brown has lived for extended periods of time in various countries of the world and experienced most world religions first hand. He spent five years in Jerusalem, seven in Geneva, Switzerland, five in Boston, a year each in Budapest, Prague, Paris, Moscow and Mexico City, periods of several months in China, Indonesia, Senegal, Cameroon, Peru, Egypt and Haiti, and the past 24 years in New York City, where he presently resides.

jacob david profile smlDirector of Field Studies
Assistant Professor of Ministerial Studies and Homiletics
- Ph.D. Liturgics and Homiletics, Drew University, Madison, NJ
- M.Div. Virginia Theological Seminary in Alexandria, Virginia
- B.S. Biology , University of Kerala, India.

The Rev. Dr. Jacob David is St. David's, Cranbury Priest Associate. He and his wife, Shanta, moved to Dayton, NJ after retiring from the Diocese of Newark in 2011. They became members of St. David's Episcopal Church in 2012. Before joining St. David's, he held the position of Rector of Episcopal church of St. Paul's and Resurrection, Wood-Ridge, NJ for 28 years.

tyler hendricks profile smlAdjunct Associate Professor in Ministry
Former President of UTS (2000-2010)
- Ph.D., Vanderbilt University
- M.A., Vanderbilt University
- Dipl. R.E., Unification Theological Seminary

Dr. Tyler Hendricks is a man of the church, deeply involved in ministry for over 30 years as a leader and innovator. He served as President of the Unification Church in America and as a pastor in New Jersey, Manhattan and Boston. In the mid 90s he developed and led the True Family Values Ministry, a nationwide ecumenical ministry to raise the church’s awareness of family issues.

frank kaufmann profile smlVisiting Professor in World Religions, Church History, Religion and Conflict Resolution
- Ph.D. Religion, Vanderbilt University

Dr. Frank Kaufmann is widely published and a known speaker on matters explaining religious dimensions of contemporary affairs, and ways for effective mediation and reconciliation. His work for peace includes consultations with governments, and efforts in over 65 countries with successes in conflict ridden and violent environments. Dr. Kaufmann teaches at New York area Universities and Seminaries, and maintains a vigorous public speaking schedule on issues related to peace, conflict resolution, and spiritual development. 

driss kone profile smlAdjunct Professor in Ministry
- D.Min., Unification Theological Seminary
- MDY., Norwich University
- MDiv., Unification Theological Seminary
- B.A., Cocody University Ivory Coast


Dr. Drissa Kone currently serving as the local minister of Belvedere Family Community in Westchester. He obtained his bachelor of arts in education in the Ivory Coast in 2007. He worked there as a teacher before moving to America later that year. Dr. Kone earned a Master of divinity at the Unification Theological Seminary (UTS) in 2012, and a master in conflict management and negotiation at Norwich University in 2014. 

michael mickler profile smlVice President for Administration
Professor of Church History
- Ph.D. Graduate Theological Union
- M.A. Graduate Theological Union
- Dipl. R.E. Unification Theological Seminary

Dr. Michael Mickler is a church historian whose teaching and research interests include the history of Christianity, the American religious experience, the Unification movement, and interreligious peace-building. He sees his task as one of balancing faith with scholarly objectivity, cross-disciplinary perspectives, and a commitment to dialogue with representatives of diverse Christian traditions and world faiths.

keisuke noda 2 profile smlProfessor of Philosophy
Academic Dean
Director of Institutional Research and Assessment
- Ph.D. New School for Social Research
- M.L.S. Queens College
- M.A. New School for Social Research
- B.E. Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan

Dr. Keisuke Noda is a philosopher with background in phenomenology and hermeneutics. His research interests lie on the intersection between the abstract/conceptual and the concrete/narratives/imagery. Dr. Noda joined the faculty in 1996 and taught courses in philosophy and ethics including “Social Ethics,” “Ethics and Social Justice in the Age of Globalization,” “Postmodernism,” “Theories of Human Nature.”

theodore shimmyo profile smlAdjunct Associate Professor of Theology
Former President of UTS (1994-2000)
-  Ph.D. in Theology, Drew University
- M.Phil. in Theology, Drew University
- Dipl. R.E., Unification Theological Seminary
- B.S. in Nuclear Engineering, U. of Tokyo

Dr. Theodore Shimmyo is exceedingly knowledgeable of Christian theology, even in its intricate areas such as Trinity and Christology. And yet he does not teach theology merely as doctrine or dogma. With much passion, he relates it to our real lives, thereby encouraging us to bring God back to us.

lester williams profile smlAdjunct Assistant Professor of Religious Education
- D.Min. Drew University, Madison, NJ
- M.R.E. New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary
- B.A. Secondary English Education, Xavier University , New Orleans.

Bishop Lester L. Williams is a native Alabamian and was called to the pastorate of the Community Church of Christ of Jamaica, New York in 1988 where he currently serves as the Senior Pastor. He is a public speaker, community activist, writer, and carries other titles too numerous to name.  He is married to Shirley Graham and has three daughters.

andrew wilson profile smlProfessor of Scriptural Studies
Director of Scriptural Research
- Ph.D., Harvard University
- M.T.S., Harvard Divinity School
- Dipl. R.E., Unification Theological Seminary
- B.A., Harvard University

Dr. Andrew Wilson’s approach to Scriptural Studies is theological and ecumenical. He challenges students to become interpreters of the Bible who can infuse it with new life for today’s believers and seekers of truth. Dr. Wilson is a prolific scholar, whose books and papers cover diverse topics ranging from religion and peace to character education to the theory of the spirit world.

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