Certificate in Unification Leadership:

The Certificate in Unification Leadership is a graduate-level certificate. It gives those individuals who wish to devote only one year to theological study the opportunity to obtain advanced theological education and specific leadership skills. This Certificate focuses on the theoretical perspective and practical skills for leadership in the Unification movement.

Its program requirements are:

  • 18 credits of Seminary courses, distributed between Unification Studies (3-6 credits), Theological Studies (6-9 credits), and Ministry (3-6 credits)


Certificate in Ecumenical Leadership:

The Certificate in Ecumenical Leadership is a graduate-level certificate for any student from a faith-based perspective.  Students will be equipped with the basic knowledge and skills necessary to work effectively in today‚Äôs diverse religious landscape.

Its program requirements are:

  • 18 credits of Seminary courses as follows: THE 5131 Systematic Theology, one Church History course, one New Testament course, SCR 5131 Hebrew Bible, MIN 5101 Ministerial Leadership and PAS 5722 The Healing Journey.


Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership and Grantwriting:

The Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership and Grantwriting is a graduate-level Certificate for students who want to gain practical knowledge, skills and tools to become effective leaders of nonprofit organizations, develop sound fundraising strategies and programs, and gain managerial expertise in such programs and organizations.

Its program requirements are:

  • 18 credits of Seminary courses as follows: MGT 5403 Executive Leadership in the Nonprofit Sector, MGT 5313Program Design and Management, MGT 5401 Financial Management for Non-Profit Organizations, MGT 5404 Fundamentals of Professional Fundraising and Development, MGT 5402 Grantmanship: Grantwriting, MGT 5314 Project Management and Resources


The Seminary may be able to offer other Certificate Programs tailored to meet specific needs. Each Certificate would be based on a similar format as the Unification Leadership Program with 18 credits of courses distributed between disciplines pertinent to each particular Certificate.