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Yoshie Manaka, UTS MA ‘21 and current DMin student 


Hear from Yoshie Manaka, a UTS student in the Master of Arts in Religious Studies program and a Family Fed leader in Media Ministries
Listen to Yoshie's presentation of her Manifesto at the 2020 RIIWT Conference

Read Yoshie's full Manifesto Here

Unification Worldview allowed me to delve into the heart of the Second Generation who are hurting, and who really feel like they were not served by their parents and their community; and also to really understand the responsibility of Second Generation to be proud, and be champions of our parents and True Parents.

I’m the Social Media Manager for Family Fed USA, which by nature, social media is kind of a place for young people. I think being able to reflect on that, and understand that kind of responsibility really informs my work and my ministry every day.

Crescentia DeGoedeCrescentia DeGoede, MA student

As a pastor, I have many different occasions where I have to educate others: I have to give sermons, Seonghwa addresses, or minister to individuals and members of the community. To be able to understand how to utilize scripture and bring it to life for people has been incredibly helpful. To really dive in and to really understand one word, one phrase and the whole meaning of that phrase. That’s something I’ll be able to continually use for years and years to come.

Mari CurryDr. Mari Curry, UTS DMin ‘21

Every class I took, I directly applied to my mission. And, as a pastor and a vice president, and as Director of Education for Family Federation, I found it so invaluable to have had the classes before I experience the stressful environment because I felt more equipped and prepared.


Miilhan StephensMiilhan Stephens, UTS MA ‘21

One thing I think UTS has provided me with is tools to apply a lot of my ideas with the existing disciplines and resources that exist so we can speak the same language to people outside of our movement.



Jinil FleischmannJinil Fleischman, MA student

It was really incredible to learn Christian history and to compare the course of Christianity to the origins of our movement, and to see that there’s so much we can learn, especially from the beginnings of Christianity, to see how God is working through history.


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