The UTS Board of Trustees meets three times per year. Board members engage in the life of the seminary and their church communities, bringing their personal, spiritual and professional perspectives to strengthen seminary governance. Trustees share a commitment to excellence in theological and ministerial education.

# Name Position Resides in
1 Dr. David J. Billings III   Brandywine, MD
2 Rev. Richard Buessing   New York, NY
3 Rev. Mari Curry   Bloomfield, NJ
4 Rev. Demian Dunkley   Nutley, NJ
5 Dr. Franco Famularo Chair Montreal, QC
6 Mr. Dan Fefferman   Bowie, MD
7 Dr. Christine Hempowicz Vice-Chair  Bridgeport, CT
8 Dr. Michael Jenkins   Manassas, VA
9 Mr. Markus Karr   Mount Kisco, NY
10 Dr. Ki Hoon Kim   Skokie, IL
11 Dr. Thomas Ward UTS President Bridgeport, CT