End of School Days: We Rack Our Brains and then Break Bread Together
Marivir R. Montebon

The final days of a semester are often stressful and tense, yet the tension can be delightfully relieved by spending quality time outside the classroom. For example, through food.

UTS to sell Barrytown
UTS Communications

The board of trustees of the Unification Theological Seminary has determined that it is best to invest the Seminary's limited resources to develop stronger academic programs. The proceeds from the sale will be used solely ...

Forty-Second UTS Commencement
Cabot W. Peterson (UTS‘92)

This year the Unification Theological Seminary, will hold its forty-second Commencement at its midtown Manhattan campus located at 4 West 43rd Street.

Ministry in Many Forms: Jenny Symon Leguineche (UTS ’87)
Kate Pugnoli (UTS’84)

“Ministry in Many Forms” captures UTS alumni in their unique expressions of faith, love and service. This week’s article takes a look at the life of Jenny Symon Leguineche, UTS Class of 1987.