Seeking The Common Good: What We Can Learn From Other Professional Disciplines
Stephen R. Graham and Shannon Mary Sims

A significant question posed in the ATS Educational Models and Practices in Theological Education project was what theological educators could learn from the experiences of other disciplines of graduate professional education. Did law schools, medical

Mourning the 50 Muslims killed in New Zealand
Hugh Spurgin Ph.D., President of UTS

Let us take up the mission of Jesus who forgave his enemies, and with the spirit of love that begins within ourselves, our families and communities, build a new history of peace. It is time

UTS Alumni are Active in the City of Brotherly Love
UTS Communications

On January 26, the Philadelphia Family Church hosted a one-day intensive Divine Principle seminar at their church meeting hall. Approximately 20 participants attended the dynamic lecture

Abortion and the Definition of Human Life
Peter Falkenberg Brown

Is the fetus a human being with sacred, inviolable rights, or is it just a clump of cells that might be inconvenient for a woman, much like a boil that can be removed at will?