UTS Graduates Ministering in Metro NYC
Cabot W. Peterson (UTS ‘92)

When someone is considering classes at the Unification Theological Seminary (UTS), they may very well ask, “What is the value of a degree from UTS?” Recently, the Alumni Relations team at UTS has been exploring that...

Theological Education in Reach
UTS Communications

UTS Online joins other leading online communities that have high engagement and interaction with chats, forums, and video using a state of the art learning management system.

Interfaith Youth Dinner Dialogue
UTS Communications

Learning about religions helps us to better understand other people’s perspectives and to gain a greater respect for those around us, no matter their religion. Our Interfaith Youth Dinner Dialogue seeks to challenge stereotypes th...

Battle for Dominion over Time: War of the Calendars in Thailand
UTS Communications

In his article, Battle for Dominion over Time: War of the Calendars in Thailand, published in the Journal of Unification Studies, 2017, Dr. Ronald J. Brown describes his one-month (January 2017) tour of Thailand and the ...