Women in Leadership Survey
UTS Communications

The Association of Theological Schools (ATS) recently held a 20th anniversary celebration ofits work in the Women in Leadership (WIL) initiative, and ATS staff shared findings from a major WIL research project, highlighting topics such

Communism's Stage of Psychosocial Development
Gordon Anderson

In this article, Gordon Anderson explores the desire for social change which has many times led to revolutionary fervor and the excitement for quick destruction of the old order, with the belief that society will

How Did Mother's Day Begin?
Myrna Lapres (UTS’87)

Although you might think that Mother’s Day was initiated by Hallmark, it was not motivated by commercialism but from women’s peace groups.

The Seder at Passover
Jizlibel Dohou

On April 22  a wonderful Passover service was conducted in the Oak Room of UTS, by Dr. Andrew Wilson, himself Jewish, and Professor of Scriptural Studies and Director of Scriptural Research.