Upgrade Diploma to a Master's Degree 
Robin Graham, Director of Advancement and Enrollment Management

We have good news for all alumni out there who graduated before we got our accreditation from New York State (1986).It has taken some time to reach an agreement with the State Education Department about

Mapping the workforce: What Competencies do ATS Alums need?
Deborah H. Gin

Last year, as part of the Educational Models Workforce Mapping project, ATS conducted a first-of-its-kind study on alums from ATS schools. It surveyed 940 alums from 42 representative schools and two graduating classes (2015 and

3rd Interfaith Youth Dinner Dialogue
David Coulibaly, UTS Recruitment Officer

On Thursday August 30th UTS played host to the third of monthly interfaith dialogues. Previous dialogues tackled the Bahá'í and Mormon faiths, this one had the topic of "How does Islam advocate for interfaith dialogue, peace,

The Road to Chaplaincy: Linking Arms across Faith
Kate Pugnoli (UTS '84)

Our "The Road to Chaplaincy" series explores the field of chaplaincy, introducing UTS alumni who are now working as