Solving Unsolvable Problems
UTS Communications

Dr. Kittel explores the commitment of True Mother (as Unificationists call Dr Hak Ja Han Moon, wife of the late Rev. Sun Myung Moon). Dr Kittel describes her as the first woman in history to

Calming Troubled Waters through Conflict Resolution
Kate Pugnoli (UTS ’84)

It is almost guaranteed that whenever you have two or more people in a relationship that sooner or later there will be conflict. Multiply this conflict from couples or co-workers, to families, tribes and nations

Theology meets Technology
Robin James Graham with Robert Pumphrey

UTS’s website reinforces its credibility, but also serves future students, who are able to learn about its educational programming and research the degrees and courses offered. Building upon the website presence UTS uses social media,

Secularism vs Religion in Turkey
Jizlibel Dohou (UTS Student)

The foundation course World Religions and Global Conflict  recently launched a dynamic discussion when Turkish speakers were invited to speak to the class. In Fall 2018 at the UTS campus in New York, our three