Ever wanted to take a college or graduate level course in philosophy, religion, family studies, psychology, political science or economics?

UTS/Barrytown College faculty have spent decades researching the connections between science, religion, history, education and culture. They also have much experience in sharing their insights and dialoging with students in undergraduate, Masters or doctoral programs.

You can now get a taste of such courses through the UTS Speakers Bureau.

For more information about how to invite a UTS/BC speaker to your community or organization, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. !

Here is a list of one hour presentations by UTS/BC Faculty.

Rhonda Altonen

Rhonda AltonenAbout the Instructor

- Computer Literacy
- The Cloud
- Emergency Preparedness
- Libraries, what you used BEFORE Google

David Eaton

david eatonAbout the Instructor

- The Responsibility of Artists in Building a Culture of Peace
- The Influence of the Celebrity Industrial Complex
- Music and Spirituality

Mark Isaacs, Ph.D.

Mark IsaacsAbout the Instructor

- Abraham Lincoln & the Political Paradigm Shift that Made Modern America
- Is CAUSA Still Relevant in 2014?
- Law and Outlaws: Why the U.S. Constitution Still Matters

Michael Mickler, Ph.D.

Michael MicklerAbout the Instructor

- 10 Defining Moments in the History of the UM in America
- Ambivalence of the Sacred- Religion as a Source of Violence & Peacemaking
- Religious Themes in Contemporary Film
- What is the Unification Movement? Presenting the UM to General Audiences

Stephen Murray, Ph.D.

stephen murrayAbout the Instructor

- History of Religious Diversity in the United States
- Topics in the History of Christian Thought
- Inter-Religious Dialogue

Keisuke Noda, Ph.D.

Keisuke NodaAbout the Instructor

- New Ways to Face Challenges in Life
- Why do Good People do Evil Things?
- Divine Principle in the Postmodern Era

Richard Panzer, Ph.D.

richard panzerAbout the Instructor

- Relationship Intelligence in an Age of Ambivalence
- Future of the American Family
- What science says about romance and relationships

Luonne Rouse, Ph.D.

luonne rouseAbout the Instructor

- Ghost in the Bedroom: No More (effects of molestation/abuse)
- Keeping the Sacred Trust (faithfulness in marriage)
- Stop The Bleeding (domestic violence)
- When Men Fail The Women Who Love Them

Theodore Shimmyo, Ph.D.

Theodore ShimmyoAbout the Instructor

- How to explain the DP to Christian ministers
- How to defend your faith against atheism, Darwinism, etc.
- How to solve the problem of evil
- How to transform doubt into faith

Lynn R. Walsh

lynn r walshAbout the Instructor

- The Family and Societal Development
- Gender Differences
- Parenting
- Marriage as a Spiritual Path

Andrew Wilson, Ph.D.

Andrew WilsonAbout the Instructor

- In Search of Heavenly Mother
- Getting to Peace in the Middle East
- What is Rev. Moon's Legacy?

Kathy Winings, Ed.D.

Kathy WiningsAbout the Instructor

- Neuroscience, Neuroeducation - Brain Matters ("My Neurons Made Me Do It)
- Brain-based Teaching and Learning
- Effective Youth Ministries, Developing a Young Adult Ministry
- Living Justly in an Unjust World, Social Justice in a Global Market