The Doctor of Ministry degree was first approved by The American Association of Theological Schools (now ATS) in 1972, with significant growth occurring in the number and scope of these programs soon after its inception.

BARRYTOWN - All of us have games, pastimes or hobbies we enjoy. Ute Delaney, Registrar at the Unification Theological Seminary for the past 20 years and a 2010 graduate, has what she affectionately refers to as her “other life.”

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Naresh Babu Gullapalli, is currently studying at UTS Manhattan. Listen to his incredible story on this video from the The Times Square Church which he attends. Naresh testifies to his conversion to become a Christian after years of being an atheist. In the video he tells of his love for his family in India, the hard work of his father to care for them, and his own desire to advance his education in order to support his family.

His mother, back in India, and a Christian, had spent many years hoping and praying for Naresh to learn about Jesus. But Naresh resisted. Having earned a scholarship, to of all things, a seminary in the USA, the Unification Theological Seminary, Naresh tells us how this atheist becomes a Christian.

In order to write a paper for his class on the New Testament, Naresh had to study the Bible, and the words of Jesus. Those words touched his heart and brought him to tears. He was overwhelmed with love. He invited Jesus into his life; Naresh, the atheist, now reborn! Amen.

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