The Doctor of Ministry degree was first approved by The American Association of Theological Schools (now ATS) in 1972, with significant growth occurring in the number and scope of these programs soon after its inception.

BARRYTOWN - All of us have games, pastimes or hobbies we enjoy. Ute Delaney, Registrar at the Unification Theological Seminary for the past 20 years and a 2010 graduate, has what she affectionately refers to as her “other life.”

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dorothy percic hillDorothy Peric Hill (UTS '80)I was fortunate to already have an undergraduate teaching degree when I joined the Unification Church in 1975 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

After our family "settled down" in Red Hook, NY, I felt it would be good to get a decent job to be able to better support my family. I was fortunate and a public school in nearby Kingston, NY hired me. A challenge presented itself as a master's degree is required to teach in the State of New York. Luckily, I found that a UTS Master of Religious Education (MRE) degree would be recognized! The graduate degree has to be “somewhat” related to your undergraduate degree. I assume it was acceptable because the MRE is also an education degree.

I am confident that having an MRE helped me teach character education much more effectively to my middle-school students.

dorothy percic hill 2Dorothy with her daughter, Francesca Hill Kubo, in SeattleThe next hurdle was that I earned my UTS degree before UTS was accredited. I had to take the necessary courses to upgrade my certificate to a full degree. Happily, my school district gives teachers a three-year period to obtain a master’s degree.

I was able to graduate in 2003 in the same class as Hyo Jin Moon!

I am confident that having an MRE helped me teach character education much more effectively to my middle-school students. Also, the skills learned in the MRE program helped me be a good team member and mediator, and to improve my relationships with colleagues and administrators in general.

I have received tenure in my school district and am so very grateful to have had this job. I have taught for the past 17 years and will be able to retire in 3 years with a reasonable pension.

I am eternally grateful to God and True Parents for the love and truth that they have made available to me. True Parents also gave me the opportunity to get an MRE at UTS. And now I feel so happy to be able to feel financially secure in the “sunset of my life.”  Thank you to UTS for giving me that blessing.”

Dorothy was Blessed in marriage with Wayne Hill (UTS’80) in 1982 and they have 3 adult children: Francesca, Joe, and Marcus.

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