Red Hook Golf Club
Saturday Sept. 19th
Tee time 1:00 pm
  • Prizes
  • Raffle
  • Storytelling
Red Hook Golf Club
650 Route 199,
Red Hook, NY 12571
Event fee of $75 includes the round of golf, cart and celebration dinner.
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On Saturday July 4th, a group of 23 UTS graduates and friends met in the Derbyshire Peak District. This was a record number of attendees for the forum, with participants from the Continent as well as from different parts of the UK. The forum has evolved over the years from being just a meeting of UTS graduates to a more academic forum open to anyone with an interest in academic discussion of critical issues around Unificationism.

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UTS was a Mecca for me, a place where God allowed me to absorb the knowledge of the Christian centuries in preparation to return to the mission field strengthened and enriched.

dan fefferman plays soccerDan Feffermann [top row, fourth from left] with fellow UTS students on the soccer team.I recall the day that President David Kim spoke to our incoming class during orientation in 1983. During his presentation, I had the clear sensation of hearing a heavenly voice saying, “Drink deeply of the Foundation of My Knowledge.” Just then, President Kim called my name and said, “Dan, Father sent you here, even though you are already a proven leader in the field. My advice to you is not to worry about being a class officer or student leader; just focus hard on your studies.” In this way, it was confirmed to me by both Heaven and Earth that God would use UTS to give me a precious gift. I took the opportunity seriously, and those years at UTS were among my happiest.

President Kim and Dr. Edwin Ang had created a staff and curriculum that immersed students in a wealth of educational experiences. The core teaching staff reprsented a panoply of traditions: Josef Hausner (a Hasidic rabbi), Old Testament; Thomas Boslooper (a Dutch Reform minister), New Testament; Constantine Tsirpanlis (a Greek Orthodox scholar and former monk), Church History; Henry Thompson (a Methodist minister), Ministry; Stefan Matzcak (a Jesuit scholar), Philosophy; Joe McMahon (a secular Catholic), Psychology.

President Kim was a constant inspiration to us, whether through his inspirational talks during morning service, his weekly walks with students after Sunday Pledge service, or his friendly banter as he battled students on the tennis court. One day he challenged me to try my hand at writing a school song. Later that week, taking my turn doing guard duty in the information booth at 3 a.m. on a snowy night, I came up with something that farily well captures the spirit of that time for me:

Life At Barrytown [listen HERE]

As the Hudson returns to the sea
Here we pledge our complete loyalty
Faithful we will remain
Faithful we will remain
Study the truth of the ages
Our knowledge will free the world
Marching through history’s pages
Love’s beauteous banner unfurled
And though the seasons pass and the tears flow
Still our motto resounds
Ever strong, as the years roll
Faith is our life at Barrytown
She endures through our fond memories
Center of God’s great new history
Alma mater restored
Alma mater restored
Netting carp by the river
He showed us with his own hands
Memories and victories linger
Throughout all ages and lands
And though the seasons pass and the tears flow…
Our True Parents forever remain
Through the sunshine, the wind, and the rain
Here at dear Barrytown
Here at dear Barrytown
Father’s path still reminds us
That he was the true pioneer
Wherever providence finds us
Our hearts will always be here
And though the seasons pass and the tears flow
Still our motto resounds
Ever strong, as the years roll
Faith is our life at Barrytown
Faith is our life at Barrytown
Faith is our life at Barrytown

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