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Bridging Religious and Cultural Divides

Latest News

  • UTS Director of Recruitment Honored for Women

    Joy Theriot, Director of Recruitment at the Unification Theological Seminary, was honored by the Team United Maharlika Foundation Inc. (TUMFI) a Filipino organization in New York for her long-time advocacy for women's issues.

  • Kick-start your Theological and Religious Studies

    UTS News highlights alumnae and alumni who have used their UTS studies to be a stepping stone to pursue a life they love. This week UTS News introduces Dr. D. Michael Hentrich, who has been active in religious education and leadership since his graduation from UTS in the Class of 1979. His latest publication is The Humanist God.

  • UTS Alumni promote UTS-Online

    UTS alumni throughout North America are responding to the new UTS-Online initiative and reaching out to their local communities, but also letting their contacts far and wide know about UTS and the new possibility of distance education.

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