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"Bridging religious and cultural divides"

UTS@40 - It is 40 years since UTS first opened!

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Photo: Makabala Prince Ndulu, UTS D.Min. candidate, in Midtown Manhattan

The Unification Theological Seminary was launched with the first convocation on September 20th 1975, welcoming the incoming Class of 1977.

Since then, close to 1700 graduates have gone out to serve the USA and the world. The service of those alumni throughout these 40 years has been exemplary. Wherever there is the front line then you will find UTS alumnae and alumni.

The UTS 40/40 Campaign where supporters donate $40 per month for 40 months gives those UTS stakeholders a special pathway to honor UTS’ accomplishment of 40 years of theological education.

Ask an alumna or alumnus what UTS has meant for them and you will find out how valuable UTS has been in their personal formation and as a foundation for their missions and service.

In the last eight months the 40/40 Campaign has been active and consistent. Friends of UTS are giving each month.

Thank you.

The goal for the 40/40 Campaign in 2016-2017 is $40,000 per year. That means a total of 80-85 donors, which is double the number that are giving now. Please consider joining the other supporters of the 40/40 Campaign and make a difference.

It really does make a difference. In the last 6 months a lot of new initiatives have taken place 

•    Recruitment ads have been placed regularly in Positive Community Magazine
•    A fresh new UTS website
•    A growing list of articles on UTS and the UTS alumni

Your gift to the 40/40 Campaign will ensure that UTS pursues creative marketing and outreach to serve existing friends and family; but also to introduce UTS to a wider community. There is much work to be done.

If you prefer to pay by an automatic bank transfer please email the Advancement Office for details via: r.graham@uts.edu

Checks can be made out to UTS and sent to

UTS Advancement and Communications,
30, Seminary Drive Barrytown NY 12507

From May through September 2016 we continue to celebrate the 40th year of UTS.  There are 4 more months for you to join the 40/40 Campaign in this 40th year and commemorate the first 40 years by making  a commitment towards the next 40 years of UTS education.

Some people have said they would prefer to give a lump sum, not a monthly payment. You may want to consider another couple of gift designations which need support:

1)    In the academic year 2016-2017 UTS will launch an Academic Scholarship campaign. Each scholarship is $500, and the goal is to raise $20,000. There are many international students who attend UTS and they do not receive Federal loans or aid. They will appreciate a $500 scholarship very much. UTS hopes to distribute up to 40 scholarships, twenty each semester.

2)    A new bank of 6 computer stations is needed for the Information Commons. It will cost a total of $4,800. The computer facilities are essential for students and UTS seeks to provide its students with excellent internet access, word-processing and file management technology.

If you are interested to support either of these gift designations, please contact:

Robin James Graham, Director of Advancement and Communications

Email: r.graham@uts.edu   Phone: 914-282-6087

Would you like to give at a different level?

Contribute to UTS' Annual Fund via the following button and enter you own amount!


"Bridging religious and cultural divides"

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