We are in the middle of a very significant year: September 20, 2015 was the beginning of the 40th year of theological education at UTS. I hope that you will join with me this anniversary year by contributing to the Annual Fund and the 40/40 Campaign.

Donors make bequests to make a difference after they are gone. Mary Goodman, a New Haven laundress who bequeathed her life savings (nearly $5,000) to Yale Divinity School to provide scholarships for African Americans, was especially successful in this regard: her bequest supported the school’s first black students, and continues to support students today, nearly 144 years later.

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Track 2: Intersections of Faith/Reality


Tipping Point of Good and Evil: Integrated Self and Meaning of Life

Keisuke Noda Ph.D.

Why do good people do evil things? Each individual is far more morally fragile than he or she believes. The course will examine two forces that tip an individual’s behavior towards evil: forces external of the self and forces internal within the self. For the former, we will examine two classic experiments of social psychology, the Stanford Prison Experiment and the Milgram Experiment, to see how social, environmental forces affect an individual’s moral behavior. For the latter, I will present the narrative of the Legend of Magic Ring of Gyges, described by Plato, depicted in The Lord of Rings. The narrative shows how an ordinary person can transform into a murderer having gained the power to conceal his actions. The course then explores the power of the unconscious in reference to Carl Jung’s concept of the self and attempts to present the integrated self as the fundamental moral agent. The course will conclude by presenting how the integral self is formed by a process of challenges and responses in life, how the unique meaning of life is disclosed to each individual, and the role of faith in the process of self-integration. A holocaust surviving psychiatrist, Viktor Frankl’s experiences in Auschwitz are also referenced.

Keisuke_NodaKeisuke Noda, Ph.D.Keisuke Noda, Ph.D. is Chair of World Religions and Philosophy Dept. at Barrytown College of UTS and Professor of Philosophy at the Unification Theological Seminary. He has been teaching courses in philosophy, ethics, and Unification Thought at UTS since 1996.

He earned his B.E. in applied physics from Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan, M.L.S. from the Graduate School of Library and Information Sciences at the Queens College, NY, and M.A. and Ph.D. in philosophy from the New School for Social Research for comparative studies of Phenomenology and Zen. His areas of specialty include phenomenology, existentialism, and other areas within continental philosophy. He has taught graduate courses on Postmodernism, Global Ethics, Social Ethics, Theories of Human Nature, Zen and Western Thought, Unification Philosophy, Research Methods, and other philosophy courses.


Principled Perspectives on Governance

Gordon L. Anderson, Ph.D.

This seminar will examine the evolution of political, economic, and cultural principles as they developed from earlier tribal societies, ancient kingdoms, and empires into modern complex societies with many interrelated social institutions in cultural, political, and economic spheres. The Divine Principle points toward an “ideal society” in which centralized control of these spheres is ended and spread across the population. This seminar presents a “big picture” overview of evolution systems of governance and the present challenges of restored a principled system of governance that has become dominated by political factions and special-interest financing that seeks to use government power to redistribute tax dollars to special interest groups and corporations.

gordon_l_andersonGordon L. Anderson, Ph.D.Gordon L. Anderson earned his Ph.D. in Philosophy of Religion at the Claremont Graduate University. He has been editor-in-chief of International Journal on World Peace since 1992, and President of Paragon House Publishers since 1996. He is a former adjunct professor at UTS and is currently an adjunct at the California Institute of Integral Studies. He is author of many articles and books, including his most recent, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, Version 4.0. He is also author of Philosophy of the United States: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, editor of Morality and Religion in Liberal Democratic Societies and The Family in Global Transition.

Anderson has a long experience with the analysis of political systems. Working with Professor Morton A. Kaplan of the University of Chicago, he organized a major conference in Geneva on the Soviet system in 1985; one on the Chinese system in the Philippines in 1987; and a conference on “Liberal Democratic Societies” in London, in 1989. He has also served as president of the Legislative Evaluation Assembly of Minnesota.

Economics for a Free Society

Dr. Mark Isaacs

"M.E.G.O., stands for “My Eyes Glaze Over!” When most people think of economics they tend to think of irrelevant charts, mind-numbing graphs, esoteric econometric models, and complex quadratic equations. Economics is not a pure or hard science. It is not a subdivision of physics or calculus. Economics, properly taught, is a Social Science. It is both fascinating and exciting. For students interested in psychology, sociology, intellectual history, and complex human behavior, this course is for you. In this course, you will be introduced to fifteen or twenty “axioms of human action,” i.e., economics power points that will literally mark_d_isaacsRev. Dr. Mark D. Isaacschange the way that you will think about the world. Armed with these basic principles, we will also discuss and test a host of practical issues such as wealth and poverty; protectionism [and how it can lead to war]; occupational licensing; health care; income redistribution versus wealth creation; the minimum wage; the progressive or graduated income tax; and the nature of the State and necessity to rebuild a Civil Society based on peaceful and voluntary social cooperation."

The Rev. Dr. Mark D. Isaacs is an active Lutheran clergyman, a preacher-teacher, an adjunct college and seminary professor, an Austrian economist and a Jeffersonian Classical Liberal, a geographer, historian, Bible scholar, theologian, apologist, and comparative religions scholar. Dr. Isaacs, an Assistant Professor of Ministry and Management at UTS, has authored numerous articles and books, including The Life and Thought of Dr. Albert Schweitzer, to be published in 2013.

What Science Says about Love and Relationships

Lynn Walsh, Adjunct Professor at UTS, Richard Panzer, Ph.D.

We all have hopes, beliefs and expectations about marriage and a finding a life partner, but live in a culture that gives confusing, often contradictory messages about how to approach relationships. What does science say about relationships? These two sessions will give an overview of research on stages of relationship bonding and attachment, male-female differences, benefits of marriage and ways to strengthen it.

lynn_r_walshLynn R. WalshLynn R. Walsh currently teaches sociology and psychology courses at Mercy College, Dobbs Ferry NY, and Marriage and Family courses at the University of Bridgeport. She holds a Masters in Divinity from UTS Interfaith Seminary and a Masters in Clinical Social Work from Fordham University.

Mrs. Walsh serves as Director of the Universal Peace Federation's Office of Marriage, Family and Human Development. Her most recent publication is entitled, "Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment", published in The Family and the MDGs. Lynn is the Corresponding Secretary for the Executive Committee of the United Nations NGO Committee on the Family.

  Richard_PanzerRichard A. Panzer, Ph.D.Richard A. Panzer, Ph.D., is the president of Unification Theological Seminar and the founder and Director of the Institute for Relationship Intelligence, which has educated more than 100,000 young people in New York and New Jersey about healthy relationships and marriage. A public speaker and developer of the Relationship Intelligence family life educational program, he has spoken to health educators, social workers, parents’ and community groups all over the U.S., and around the world.

Dr. Panzer has authored several books, including a children’s book called Mommy, Daddy, where do babies come from? He directed the Real Deal on Love, Relationships, and Marriage documentary video/DVD in 2005. In 2009, Dr. Panzer co-authored The War on Intimacy: how agenda –driven sex ed sabotages committed relationships and our nation’s health. A graduate of Yale University, Mr. Panzer is married and the father of 4 children. His doctorate is in the field of Educational Communication and Technology from New York University.

Church and State: Status of Religious Freedom around the World

Dan Fefferman

This session will give an overview of religious freedom as a fundamental human right. It will begin by addressing the importance of religious freedom and provide an overview of milestones in its history. Various theories of church and state will be introduced, including the medieval Catholic view, Protestant responses, the American model, Marxist theory and Islamic attitudes. This will be followed by a brief survey of freedom in today's world and current religious freedom issues in the United States. We will conclude with a summary of the Unification Church's experience with religious freedom and a discussion of what Divine Principle and other UC documents say about church-state relations.dan_feffermanDan Fefferman

Dan Fefferman is an early member of the Unification Church in the USA, currently serving as the President of the International Coalition for Religious Freedom. After graduating from the University of California at Berkeley with a degree in political science in 1971, he served as Secretary General of the Freedom Leadership Foundation in Washington DC from 1971-77, and subsequently served in numerous national leadership positions for the Unification Church, the Collegiate Association for Research of Principles, and the American Freedom Coalition, as well as serving as executive editor of the World Student Times.
A graduate of UTS with a Masters in Divinity degree, he was also an associate editor and major contributor to the New World Encyclopedia project, for which he has written and edited hundreds of articles on biblical topics and human rights. He lives in Bowie, Maryland with his wife Susan. They have two grown daughters..

A Principled Understanding of Business Management

James Edgerly

The seminar will provide an overview of the understanding of the purpose of the business enterprise, the creation process of the business venture, how it comes into existence, how it is organized and how it thrives – from a Principled perspective that also incorporates the Freedom Society.
Several basic management practices will be introduced. The contents will be based on the practical experience of the speakers, learned from experience in management consulting, business start-ups and management, and business restructuring during the past 3 decades. One of the core issues, communication, will be explored in detail in the second half, including a personality profile for all participants that will reveal how one can best understand oneself and others in a business as well as larger life context.

james_edgerlyJames EdgerlyJames Edgerly joined the Unification Church in 1973. He spent 3 years traveling with the New Hope Singers and First Global Team and then 5 years in leadership positions in CARP while attending college at Columbia University (New York). He was blessed in marriage to Kinuyo Iwamoto in 1982 while earning a MS from the Sloan School of Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Rev. Edgerly was a management consultant at Arthur D. Little Inc. (Cambridge, MA) from 1983. In 1990 he left ADL to establish Industrial Restructuring Corporation (IRC) to restructure distressed industrial companies in Central Europe. IRC was merged into The Recovery Group where he was a Director and Senior Partner. In 2003, Rev. Edgerly acquired and reorganized the assets of Crowe Rope Industries out of bankruptcy to found Orion Ropeworks (Winslow, ME). He served as the CEO of Orion until that company was acquired in 2005.

Rev. Edgerly served as Assistant Regional Director for HSA Northern New England under to Rev Kil Hwan Kim from 2004 to 2006 and Massachusetts State Pastor from 2006 to 2012. He is presently co-owner and Managing Director of The BioSolve Company and resides in Lexington, MA where he and his wife have raised their four children.

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