UTS Welcomes Hugh Spurgin as Interim President

The Board of Trustees of the Unification Theological Seminary (UTS) voted on January 7, 2015 to appoint Dr. Hugh Spurgin as its Interim President. At the same meeting, the Board thanked the outgoing president, Dr. Richard Panzer, for his valuable contributions to UTS since 2010 and wished him well.

Responses to "the Future of Barrytown" Survey

UTS alumni, friends and supporters will be interested to hear that more than 600 Unificationists have signed the "Keep Barrytown College and UTS" online petition launched 3 days ago by Barrytown College students.

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5 Things you did not know about Barrytown College
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Unification Theological Seminary’s trustees share a commitment to excellence in theological and ministerial education.

The full board meets three times yearly. Board members engage in the life of the seminary and their church communities, bringing their personal, spiritual and professional perspectives to strengthen seminary governance.

# Name Position Committees Joined Board Term Expires 
1 Dr. Michael Balcomb Board Chair Executive, Trustees 2012 2016
2 Dr. David J. Billings III   Academic Affairs 2002 2018
3 Mr. James A. Borer, Esqu. Board Secretary Trustees 2002 2018
4 Dr. Anthony J. Guerra  
Academic Affairs,
Strategic Assessment
1996 2016
5 Dr. Michael Jenkins   Finance 2013 2017
6 Mr. Charles Hoover  
Buildings & Grounds,
Strategic Assessment
1998 2017
7 Bishop Ki Hoon Kim     2013 Ex-officio
8 Dr. Richard Panzer  
Executive Advancement,
2010 Ex-officio
9 Mrs. Amy Cuhel-Schuckers  
Academic Affairs,
Strategic Assessment,
2013 2017
10 Dr. Hugh Spurgin Vice-Chair Finance, Executive 1995 2015
11 Dr. Katie Zahedi  
Buildings & Grounds,
2007 2015
12 Mrs. Crescentia DeGoede   Advancement 2014 2018
13 Mr. Franco Famularo  
2014 2018
14 Mr. Dan Fefferman   Advancement 2014 2018
15 Mr. Ernest Patton   Finance 2014 2018