The following report is from Dr. Robert Kittel, UTS ’93, who was in Kathmandu on April 25 and whose wife remains there. Dr. Kittel is temporarily visiting the United Statesand serves as the Universal Peace Federation Director for Education in Asia.

The Unification Theological Seminary welcomed two new trustees to the Board in April, Dr. Hugh Spurgin, UTS President announced.  “We are looking forward to the energy and talents of Dr. Thomas Ward and Dr. Christine Hempowicz of the University of Bridgeport,” Spurgin said.

The UTS Board of Trustees meets three times per year. Board members engage in the life of the seminary and their church communities, bringing their personal, spiritual and professional perspectives to strengthen seminary governance. Trustees share a commitment to excellence in theological and ministerial education.

# Name Position Committees Joined Board Term Expires 
1 Dr. Michael Balcomb Chair Executive, Trustees 2012 2016
2 Dr. David J. Billings III   Academic Affairs 2002 2018
3 Mrs. Crescentia DeGoede   Advancement 2014 2018
4 Mr. Franco Famularo  Vice-Chair
Executive, Finance,
2014 2018
5 Mr. Dan Fefferman  
2014 2018
6 Dr. Christine Hempowicz   Advancement 2015 2019
7 Mr. Ernest Patton   Finance 2014 2018
8 Dr. Michael Jenkins   Finance 2013 2017
9 Dr. Ki Hoon Kim     2013 Ex-officio
10 Dr. Hugh Spurgin President Finance, Executive 1995 Ex-officio
11 Dr. Thomas Ward     2015 2019

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