Barry_Tunnel_presentationDr. Mark BarryUTS adjunct professor Dr. Mark Barry gave an interesting and revealing slide show presentation at the 2nd UTS Speaker's Forum in the Massena Mansion in Barrytown on Rev. Sun Myung Moon's daring proposal to build a rail link between Asia and North America across the Bering Strait, which divides Russia from Alaska.

Dr. Barry explained that this is not a new idea, but was first proposed in 1849 by the governor of the Colorado territory, and since then has been pursued without success by a variety of business and government leaders from the U.S. and other nations.

Rev. Moon's concept, Dr. Barry said, is different in that it is not driven only by economic considerations, but with the hope that such a connection between the continents would "promote global peace and shared prosperity by bridging the barriers between races, cultures, religions, and a way to link the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa to Santiago Chile, and Tokyo to London."

The Speaker's Forums are produced by Henry Christopher, UTS Community Relations Director. In the first forum last month, he began with a brief history of the historic Massena Estate and mansion which is a part of the UTS campus in Barrytown, NY. This segment is entitled "History of the Massena Estate" and can be viewed on YouTube.

One of the goals of the Community Relations office in the past few years has been to open our beautiful campus to our neighbors and to the public in general. We have numerous hiking trails on campus, including Father's Trail, which officially became a New York State Greenway Trail.

The campus also features a large and beautiful labyrinth, where visitors can pray and meditate as they walk. On the evening of each monthly full moon, a group led by UTS graduate Gillian Corcoran—who also built the labyrinth—meet to walk the course, and afterwards sit around a campfire and share their spiritual experiences while roasting marshmallows.

Our Community Garden, where we grow organic vegetables free of all chemicals, has twenty plots and is open to local residents, a number of whom take plots each year.In the winter, UTS hosts the historic Hudson River Ice Yacht Club. The members of the club who are local doctors, lawyers, architects and other professionals bring their ice boats to the Tivoli Bay through the UTS campus and sail on the bay when good ice conditions permit. They are a friendly crew, and always take the time to give rides to anyone who comes to enjoy the winter fun.

UTS has also hosted a number of Ambassador for Peace dinners, honoring our local leaders in Red Hook.

Each Speaker's Forum is filmed by the local Panda23 cable TV station and can be seen on their website:

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