MML_train-4_studentsParticipants socializing during break-timeTwenty-one participants attended the "Mastering the Mysteries of Love Leader Training" at a 3-day Course Intensive led by Authorized MML Trainer Bento Leal at The Relationship Institute at UTS on Jan. 28-30, 2011. Following are comments from some of those who attended the leader training:

"I thought I would get some good advice on counseling with young married couples, but I received much more than that! I was guided step-by-step to discover the art of masterful human communication and the divine quality that is revealed in each person when genuine expression and empathic listening are employed. As Bento Leal (our trainer) put it, ‘what better way to live for the sake of others than to listen with your whole heart?'"
- Joe Leonard, Clifton, N.J.

"What excited me most was the ‘expression stick,' which gave me security and protection I needed whenever my husband and I had to discuss any issues important to our family life. My husband looks more confident now to break down the wall which has existed between us, (but) we have a long way to go. We plan to study this content each day and practice it together."
- Ayako Heller, Harlem, NY

"The relationship enhancement skills broke down several communication barriers that my wife and I have experienced in the past... Even one of the skills taught can have a huge impact on a couple's relationship and be life-changing!"
- Jorg Heller, Harlem, NY

"Last week my wife was so upset with me because I wasn't listening to her. The MML training helped me to see the problems we face from her perspective. It put me "in her shoes." She was surprised to see how I changed in my listening and my attitude towards her. Since then, our relationship has improved a lot."
- Matthew John, UTS Student

"It is easier to fall in love than to keep that love. I learned more that I can use in practice than just another theory."
- Tchinda Fabrice Mbuna

"Acknowledging the good in another person helps to defuse a negative situation and promotes a healthy dialog. Bento Leal, who facilitated the MML training, is excellent!"
- Theresa DeVore

"This training conveyed useful techniques that are easy to use!"
- Rev. Avis Clark, Professional Counselor
NYC Dept. of Education
"These skills can change people's lives in their marriages and other types of relationships." - Elece McKnight, UTS student

"The communication skills are really practical and can strengthen marriages!"
- Drissa Kone, UTS student

"I would recommend this training to others!"
- Rev. Brenda Fraser

Mastering the Mysteries of Love (MML), co-written by Dr. Bernard G. Guerney, Jr., and Mary Ortwein, M.A., is a version of the nationally-recognized, research-based program titled Relationship Enhancement developed by Dr. Guerney in the 1960s. The course is designed for couples, normally presented in a class setting, and teaches 10 key communication skills, notably Showing Understanding (Empathic Listening), Expression (Speaking to Be Understood), Discussion (Pattern of Taking Turns), Conflict Management and Problem Solving Skills. Mr. Leal explains that "the goal of the course is to help couples not only make marriages that survive but actually thrive -getting better, stronger, deeper, happier, and more fulfilling!"

The 3-day (16 hour) Intensive at UTS offered the trainees the opportunity to learn and practice the skills themselves as class participants, interspersed with hour-long sessions where they practiced teaching the course to each other in groups of four.

The training was extremely dynamic and interactive based on a comprehensive learning model of listening, seeing, and experiencing by doing. On the final day, each trainee received a Certificate of Completion naming them as an Authorized Program Leader of MML, authorizing them to order course materials and to teach the course to anyone, anywhere, any time - an excellent credential for teaching the course to couples in a marriage or couples ministry in a church, small group fellowships, home settings, and at community organizations such as at schools, libraries, etc.

Several of the trainees reported going home after the first day, using the skills with their spouse and others and discovering remarkable improvement in their communication, and coming back the next day and reporting the breakthrough to the rest of the class.

Before going to the airport to fly back home to the Bay Area in California, Mr. Leal said that he is looking forward to conduct similar trainings in the near future at The Relationship Institute in NYC or as a satellite course in other cities around the country.

More about the Mastering the Mysteries of Love course can be found at For more information and ideas of how the MML course might be used, contact Bento Leal at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or The Relationship Institute at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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