Philbert Seka with UTS President, Dr. Tyler O. HendricksPhilbert Seka with UTS President, Dr. Tyler O. HendricksFrom November 1 to December 10, 2008, Mr. Philbert Seka, Regional Director of Service For Peace Africa, was in the United States. He attended the annual SFP Board of Directors meeting and met with organizations, students and individuals throughout America to discuss Service For Peace activities in Africa. His goal in particular was to increase student involvement in the next International Global PeaceMakers Program in Africa on July 2009.

During his stay in United States he visited the campus of UTS-The Interfaith Seminary on December 9 – 10. At 7 pm on the 9th, the student body gathered for a presentation on Service For Peace and its projects in Africa. Mr. Seka introduced how service projects can bring people together to break down barriers and create a global PeaceMakers Network. This led to a meeting between Mr. Seka and African students.

On Wednesday, December 10, during the An Si Il Unification worship, Mr. Seka gave a testimony of his experience based on his mission as leader of Service For Peace. The main points were about how to understand God’s call, put yourself on the line, take ownership and take action. If we do that, then we place ourselves in alignment with God’s guidance and care.

Before leaving, he met with Dr. Tyler Hendricks, President of UTS and briefly with the Mr. Ichinori Tsumagari, Director of the International Relief Friendship Foundation. Dr. Hendricks encouraged Mr. Seka to recommend that his most eminent SFP partners consider applying for the UTS interfaith peacebuilding program, in order to expand their international capacity.

Service For Peace is an international not-for-profit organization that brings diverse groups together in service in order to cross barriers of race, religion, class, creed, or national origin, and address urgent social needs.

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