Title Author
Leading Scholar Discusses Religious Identity and Interfaith Activity at UTS Contributed by Chris Antal
African students organize "Appreciation Night" event Contributed by Chipo Muzorewa
Students Immerse Themselves in Four Days of Buddhist Teaching and Practice Contributed by Chris Antal
Buddhist Monk urges audience to consider “Tofu-Turkey” at Thanksgiving Contributed by Chris Antal
An "Obscure group" Contributed by Rev. Gerhard Bessell
First Barrytown Student Enrolls in CPE Program Contributed by Andrew Wilson
Spirituality and Martial Arts Contributed by Ravil Kayumov
First UTS Interfaith Speech Contest held at Barrytown campus Contributed by Galina Li
Ten Students Join Chicago Interfaith Youth Conference Contributed by Tyler Hendricks
Israeli scholars speak at chapel service Contributed by Andrew M. Wilson
Theologians' Club meets weekly Contributed by Alexandr Zamusinski
Spotlight on Alumni: "Pastor Michael Yakawich preaches in Billings, MT" Contributed by Tyler Hendricks
Mountain Day 2007 Contributed by Emmanuel Tanui
Weekly Chapel Service: "Ministry and the Erradication of Poverty" Contributed by Chris Antal
Weekly Chapel Service: "What we are to Do" Contributed by Bessell, Chung Hee
Weekly Chapel Service: "Becoming One" Contributed by Stephen Goldiamond
Seminary Trustees Meet, Focus on Interfaith Program Contributed by Tyler Hendricks
New dining room unveiled at Barrytown Campus Contributed by Tyler Hendricks
Muslim Chaplain speaks at UTS Contributed by Chris Antal
Volunteers beautify Peace Sanctuary on Autumn Equinox Contributed by Gillian Corcoran
Leaders from Japan visit UTS Contributed by Tyler Hendricks
Extension Center celebrates Convocation 2007 Contributed by Rev. Samuel Zimmerman
Class Representative Elections held at Barrytown Campus Contributed by Sergio Alcubilla
New Students Introduced at Welcome Party Contributed by Sergio Acubilla
UTS celebrates 33rd Convocation Contributed by Andrew M. Wilson

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