Title Author
Journal of Unification Studies Now Interactive Contributed by Michael Mickler
Local Imam speaks on Islam at Interfaith Service Contributed by Tyler Hendricks
Dr. Lonnie McLeod, UTS New York Dean, Honored Contributed by Tyler Hendricks
Red Hook ‘Peace Day’ big success Contributed by Henry Christopher
"High School of the Pacific" a UTS student’s Summer Sojourn Contributed by Margaret Sisserson
New Students Enliven UTS Fall Term 2008 Contributed by Tyler Hendricks and Henry Christopher
Dr. In Jin Moon Visits UTS Contributed by Tyler Hendricks
UTS Obtains Grant for Educational Resource Center Contributed by Michael Mickler
M.Div. student gives comfort, empathy as hospital chaplain Contributed by Kate Korda
UTS Welcomes Dr. Lonnie McLeod, Jr. as Dean of the New York Extension Contributed by Andrew Wilson
Inaugural "For Our Sons" Conference hosted by UTS-New York City Contributed by Leander Hardaway
Eric Sylte becomes Director of Student Life and Chaplain Contributed by Andrew Wilson
UTS welcomes new COO Contributed by Andrew Wilson
Seminary Leadership Meets New FFWPU National Leadership Contributed by Andrew Wilson
Foreign Students attend local garden party and concert Contributed by Henry Christopher
Local Buddhist, Muslim and Christian Clergy Join in Dialogue at UTS Contributed by Chris Antal
M.Div Students defend their Theses Contributed by Gerhard Bessell
Sports and Culture Peace Festival Contributed by Tyler Hendricks
UTS Congratulates Its Board Chair, Dr. Chang Shik Yang Contributed by Tyler Hendricks
"The Results are In" Student Council Elections 2008-09 Contributed by Tyler Hendricks
Rev. Dr. Paulette M. Zimmerman speaks at "Uplift Thursday" chapel program Contributed by Rev. Samuel Zimmerman
31st David S.C. Kim Oratorical Contest held in Barrytown Contributed by Monyrith Lean
Students Join Dialogue on Religion and Extremism at the UN Contributed by Alexandr Zamusinski
Faculty and Staff Appreciation Dinner held at UTS in Barrytown, NY Contributed by Bessell, Chung Hee
Seminary Builds Ties to Local Interfaith Council Contributed by Chris Antal

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