3. Travel Abroad

Should I Travel Abroad?

Whether or not to travel abroad is a personal decision. With the matter of the United States' continued involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan very much in the news, with broader concerns regarding the situation in Israel and with U.S. Homeland Security issues continuing to be of concern, there is uncertainty in some quarters regarding the advisability of long-distance travel. Barring an unforeseen catastrophe or circumstance, we do not anticipate any changes in the immediate future for student travel outside the United States. We are concerned for students who will need to renew their F-1 visa abroad, and whether they will have sufficient time to do so and return to UTS in time to begin the January 2004 trimester, given on-going security clearance requirements. Any student who feels uncomfortable or concerned about their travel plans in a time of uncertainty may prefer to cancel those plans. No one is capable of predicting the future.

Students whose U.S. visas have expired and who will need to apply for new U.S. visas abroad should anticipate longer waiting periods to obtain a visa appointment, closer scrutiny of their visa documents, in person reviews, and possible security clearance delays. You are urged to check with the U.S. consulate or embassy where you will apply for the visa, or its web site link: http://travel.state.gov/links.html BEFORE leaving the United States to determine that particular post's policies and procedures, because much has changed in the past months. You should start the visa process at the earliest possible time upon your arrival back in your home country.