In addition to courses in Biblical Hebrew and New Testament Greek, UTS offers courses in Korean as the theological language of the Unification Church.

Its study offers students a door into a deeper understanding of Unification beliefs. Profi­cien­cy in spoken Korean is a considerable asset for leadership in the church, enabling direct communication with the Founder and his elder disciples. Korean language courses are offered in English and in Japanese. Placement exams are available at the beginning of each term for students who seek to qualify for an upper-level course. Korean language courses do not fulfill the Scriptural Studies elective requirement for the Divinity Program.


LAN 5131 Biblical Hebrew: A first course in Biblical Hebrew, covering the alphabet, nouns, pronouns, the verb system, construct chains, and simple sentences. Students will become familiar with the basic structure of the language and learn to use a lexicon. By the end of the course students will have had exposure to reading from the Bible itself. 3 credits. Faculty.

LAN 5141 New Testament Greek: Koine Greek, the language of the Greek New Testament, will be studied according to its grammatical forms and idioms as printed in the modern critical texts. 2-3 credits. Faculty.

LAN 5161 Korean 1: The course focuses on familiarization with the spoken language using the vocabulary and expressions appropriate to the basic level and covering relevant grammar. Concurrent labs improve students' speaking and listening ability. This level is for the students with no knowledge of Korean. 3 credits. Faculty

LAN 5162 Korean 2: In addition to grammar and the spoken language, an added component is an introduction to Rev. Moon's teachings from The Way of God's Will. Students are introduced to using the Korean dictionary and to typing on the Korean keyboard for electronic communication. Prerequisite: Korean 1. 3 credits. Faculty.

LAN 5163 Korean 3: Comprehension of the theological language from The Way of God's Will is the focus of this level. Students develop skills in translation and comprehension. Prerequisite: Korean 2. 3 credits. Faculty.

LAN 5164 Korean 4: Translating skills are further developed through study of Rev. Moon's published speeches in the original language. Students will practice the translator's art of comprehending the speaker's intention beyond his expressions. Prerequisite: Korean 3. 3 credits. Faculty.

LAN 5161J Korean 1 for Japanese: Moves rapidly through the content of Korean 1 at a pace appro­priate for Japanese learners. 3 credits. Taught in Japanese. Faculty.

LAN 5162J Korean 2 for Japanese: See the course listing for Korean 2. Taught in Japanese. 3 credits. Faculty.

LAN 5190 Independent Study in Scriptural Languages: 1‑3 credits. Faculty

LAN 6290 Thesis/Project in Scriptural Languages: 4 credits. Must be accompanied by the Divinity Colloquium, MIN 5801. Faculty.