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Bridging Religious and Cultural Divides


Wednesday, 08 November 2017 16:06

Register now for Disaster Chaplain Training!

The National Disaster Interfaiths Network (NDIN), a neighboring non-profit of UTS at 4W43 in New York, prepares ordained or credentialed religious leaders and other professional or credentialed spiritual care providers as disaster emotional and spiritual caregivers in mass care settings or within their house of worship, religious community or professional institution. Register here:

sowing book by nabiyah yehuda uts 15Nabiyah is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, scribe, mentor, and author of several books that expresses how anyone can find intimacy with God, grow spiritually, and develop character. She loves helping others become their authentic selves while tapping into their gifts. She has traveled around the world inspiring others for over 20 years. You can find her on social media via her weekly broadcasts of Prophetic Chatter where she hosts ordinary people that share extraordinary God encounters. Her newest book, "Sowing into Your Own Field- Investing in You" is tracking to be her best seller. By the way, she teaches Hebrew and prepares people to go to Israel, and she says that makes for a richer experience. 

In her spare time she enjoys prophetic painting, creating vision boards, and calligraphy. 

She is the founder of The Chamber Room Experience, and chancellor of Behnee HaNabiim- College. BHN College is an apostolic, prophetic and scribe school. The online school is designed for mentoring and equipping.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017 20:25

Passing of Pastor Floyd Munn (UTS'16)

He was such a good man who really loved UTS and Father Moon for their vision of ministry as being inclusive and welcoming. He really endured a great deal, especially toward the end of his life and his time at UTS with daily dialysis treatments. The proudest moment of his life was to walk across the stage in Barrytown during graduation.

Pastor Floyd Munn, an alumnus from the Master of Divinity program, passed to his eternal home this past week. Rev. Munn was admitted to UTS in Fall 2007 and marched in May 2016. Those who knew him are sure to remember his ready smile, his gentle spirit and his determination to learn. Rev. Munn stands as a great model of courage and strength for all students because of his commitment to complete his degree even with his severe health challenges. It was not unusual to see Pastor Munn rush to campus after his dialysis treatments because he did not want to miss a single minute of class. Or he would call from the hospital to say that he was trying to get to class. Each time he was on campus, Rev. Munn always took time to stop by my office to say 'hello' and to offer an encouraging word or to share a recent experience with God or the Holy Spirit - even if he was running late for class.

Rev. Munn loved the Seminary because it reflected his heartfelt attitude toward ministry - that ministry was about being a servant leader and about welcoming others into God's loving family. During the last two years, he never complained about how he was feeling. Rather, he was more concerned about reaching out to other students to support or encourage them to engage their studies. In his time at UTS and in his ministry, Pastor Munn epitomized the UTS value of living for the sake of others and bridging religious and cultural divides.

UTS sends its heartfelt prayers of love and comfort to his wife and family. Rev. Munn's going home service will be on Saturday, September 23, 2017, at 11:00 am at the United House of Prayer for All People in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017 18:20

Fall 2017 UTS Guest Speaker Series

UTS Guest Speaker Flyer Fall 2017

Tuesday, 08 August 2017 21:24

UTS-Online (2)

Thursday, 10 August 2017 19:11

UTS-Online FAQ

General Institutional Information

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Please visit our Privacy Policy and our FERPA Policy.
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Information on Student Diversity can be found on our Fact Sheet.
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Student complaints concerning alleged failures by UTS to comply with the requirements of FERPA can be filed with the U.S. Department of Education. The name and address of the Office that administers FERPA are:

Family Policy Compliance Office
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Tuesday, 08 August 2017 21:24


uts online laptopOnline learning, a new initiative identified in UTS' draft 5-year strategic plan (2017-2022) - will begin in October 2017. Two courses, "Unification Apologetics" and "Divine Principle in Depth" will be taught online by UTS faculty Dr. Tyler Hendricks  and Dr. Andrew Wilson, respectively. Both courses are credit-bearing and can lead to a Master of Arts in Religious Studies (M.A.) degree.

In a recent article we reported on how UTS professors are being introduced and trained in using Canvas, the online learning management system which UTS has contracted.

“A lot of education courses are moving to online, all universities want to offer the opportunity for face-to-face, blended and online courses, so that people can take their courses and finish their education in ways that are most convenient to them.”Lisa Ames, Canvas trainer

 UTS is building its online education to allow students to access our courses in globally. Online learning allows you to fit graduate-level study into your own schedule—wherever you are. You will become part of a global experience engaging those who have different perspectives; learning from other online students from around the world.


Upcoming Online courses:

tyler hendricks profile sml

Unification Apologetics

How do you represent Unification faith to those who challenge it? Learn the meaning of “apologetics,” the background of people’s doubts, criticisms and accusations, how to share historically-based, Principled responses, both personally and publicly, and the heart of God with which to do so.

- Taught by Dr. Tyler Hendricks, former President of the Unification Church, USA, former President of UTS, and founder of True Parents Way



andrew wilson profile sml

Divine Principle in Depth

Divine Principle provides the formula for our life with God and one another. It is also a resource for ecumenical relations, offering amazing insights into the Bible and Christian doctrines. This is an advanced course equipping students with the analytical tools they need to deal with diverse opinions and faith styles.

Taught by Dr. Andrew Wilson who has worked as the author or editor of World Scripture, Chambumo Gyeong, True Family Values, and Exposition of the Divine Principle



uts online tablet medUTS is proud to serve the needs of a diverse student body representing many faiths and denominations. There are three masters’ degrees: an M.A. in Religious Studies, a Master of Religious Education, and a Master of Divinity, plus a Doctor of Ministry program.

The Master of Arts in Religious Studies (M.A.) degree prepares students for diverse positions and ministries as well as for doctoral studies. It offers optional concentrations in Interfaith Peacebuilding, Non-Profit Leadership, Unification Studies and Theological Studies.

Master of Arts in Religious Studies | Graduation Requirements
- 48 credit hours
- A minimum grade point average of 2.50
- Mid Program Review
- A Masters Project or Thesis
Foundation Courses:
SCR 5151 World Scriptures and World Peace
THE 5132 Theology of Peacebuilding
THE 5141 Ethics and Social Justice in the Age of Globalization
LTR 5513 World Religions and Global Conflict
To see the full selection of electives and optional concentrations, view information on the MA degree page.

Recognized as a global center for Unification theological education and research, UTS also is a primary resource on Rev. Moon and his teachings for people both inside and outside the Unification movement. In recent surveys taken at several Unificationist events around the world the following areas of study were found to be of highest interest to potential students: 

The courses taught at UTS were not only insightful but also enlightening for the heart, mind and soul. We learned a lot about critical and pressing issues in today's world, however at times it felt like God was telling me something that I needed to hear."Youngsoon Quinn M.A. (UTS’16)

1. Life and Teachings of True Parents 
2. Unification Studies (Divine Principle, Cheon Il Guk Scriptures) 
3. Pastoral Ministry (Counseling, Marriage & Family) 
4. Unification Theology 
5. Unification Philosophy

The worldwide Unification movement needs leaders who can apply the Unification worldview (Unification theology and scriptures; the life and teachings of True Parents) in their cultural context, and who can affirm the unchanging values and ideals and apply them in their changing circumstances. UTS is prepared to serve that need.


Thursday, 06 April 2017 15:04

Alumni Relations

Alumni News and Events

Ministry in Many Forms: S. Berg (UTS'85)
Bridging Religious and Cultural Divides - the Generation Gap
UTS Alumni Spearhead Church Growth and Development
Kick-start your Theological and Religious Studies
Ministry in Many Forms: Bento Leal (UTS’77)
UTS Alumni Dominate Inter-Generational Golf Tournament 2017
Alumni Get-Together in Minnesota
Ministry in Many Forms: K. Wilkening (UTS’85)
Ministry in Many Forms: M. De Souza (UTS’89)
Tuesday, 04 April 2017 22:01

Latest News (New)

Ministry in Many Forms: S. Berg (UTS'85)
Inez Nocho: On her Church’s Front Line
Bridging Religious and Cultural Divides - the Generation Gap
UTS-Online is Off to a Strong Start
Real Healing Starts with Forgiveness: Dr. Ani Kalayjian
Sam Mitchell: Answering God’s Call
Letter to UTS Alumni/ae and Friends
UTS Alumni Spearhead Church Growth and Development
Interspirituality, a Spiritual Evolution
Thursday, 19 January 2017 17:29

Part-Time Recruitment Position Available

Dynamic and student-focused metropolitan NYC graduate seminary is seeking an experienced part-time recruiter with strong networking skills and able to work with a small team of recruiters. Should be people-oriented, able to speak with diverse Christian clergy and/or lay leaders in a church, able to think outside the box and take initiative and dedicated to results. Experience with an urban-based church or ministry of some type or an understanding of urban ministry and church work a plus.

Total number of hours per week: 20            Hours are somewhat flexible.

Please send resume and 2 letters of reference to: Mr. Robin Graham, c/o UTS, 4 West 43rd Street, NYC, NY 10036;  For further information, please contact Mr. Graham at: (914-282-6087).


•    Recruit within diverse churches and ministries in the metropolitan NYC area
•    Support the Recruitment Office staff of UTS
•    Prepare application packets for the Admissions Office
•    Present UTS to a wide array of churches, ministries and organizations
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