Bridging Religious and Cultural Divides

Nov 30, 2017

Ginger Nicholls (UTS'86) publishes New Memoir!

Tears for Nepal bookThis memoir describes the struggles and triumphs during the 15 years Ginger Nicholls (UTS '86) and her husband, John, dedicated as Unificationist missionaries to the country of Nepal, home to Mt. Everest, from the beginnings of the Maoist conflict in 1996 when Nepal was still a Hindu Kingdom through the newly established federal democratic republic until 2011.

ginger nicholls

Author, Ginger Nicholls (UTS'86) back home in England

Through stories that are at times heart-wrenching and at other times hilarious, sometimes mundane and sometimes life-threatening, her selfless dedication and sense of humor are ever present.

Throughout her narrative, Ginger identifies parallel scriptures from Hindu, Buddhist, Christian and Unification teachings emphasizing the value of spiritual growth based on purity and fidelity.

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