Panzer, Richard
Panzer, Richard
New York City
(212) 563 6647 x110
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Dr. Richard A. Panzer was appointed as President of Unification Theological Seminary in June 2010. He is also founder and director of the Institute for Relationship Intelligence, Inc., located in Westwood, NJ.

He has spoken to health educators, social workers, parents’ and community groups about AIDS prevention and youth relationship education all over the U.S., and in Beijing, Antigua, Trinidad, Montreal, Toronto, Frankfurt, Istanbul, London, Paris, Prague, Seoul, Sydney, Okinawa, Osaka, and Tokyo. Dr. Panzer is the author of the Relationship Intelligence Training program, which has been used in 38 states in the U.S.A., Canada, and in Europe, Latin America, Africa, Asia, and Oceania.

In an evaluation by the Institute for American Values, the RI curriculum was selected as one of the top three marriage curricula in the country, stating: “Relationship Intelligence provides a clear marriage vision, portraying marriage as the key to personal growth in love, intimacy, and sexual satisfaction.”

In 2009, Dr. Panzer co-authored The War on Intimacy: how agenda –driven sex ed sabotages committed relationships and our nation’s health. This book was reviewed and endorsed by outstanding scholars including Professor Robert George at Princeton U., Dr. Ted Green at the AIDS Prevention Research Project at the Harvard School of Public Health, Dr. Thomas Lickona, author of Character Matters, Dr. Joseph McIlhaney, founder of The Medical Institute for Sexual Health & Dr. Paul Vitz, Senior Scholar at the Institute for Psychological Sciences.

Richard Panzer also co-authored a children’s book called Mommy, Daddy, Where Do Babies Come From? and directed the Real Deal on Love, Relationships, and Marriage documentary video/DVD in 2005, the Lovesmart DVD in 2007 and the CultureMachine iMagazine CD-ROM in 2008.
Dr. Panzer has been interviewed on dozens of radio stations nationwide, the Standard News and USA Radio Network, the nationally syndicated Newstalk Television show on teen pregnancies and letters published in the New York Times, Journal of the American Medical Association, and other publications. 
He has spoken about relationships and marriage on several college campuses including UC Berkeley, Mercy College, Hofstra University, Mount St. Mary’s College, the State University of New York at New Paltz, Yale University, the University of Texas in Austin, the University of Maryland, and San Francisco State University.

A graduate of Yale University, Mr. Panzer is married and the father of 4 children. His doctorate is in the field of Educational Communication and Technology from New York University.