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"Bridging religious and cultural divides"

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Why choose uts ?

UTS is dedicated to the task of guiding future leaders in a multi-faith world.  At UTS, we are pursuing interfaith peacebuilding and education for clergy whether the students walk within a branch of the Christian faith or another faith tradition.

2015 marked the 40 Year Anniversary of Unification Theological Seminary. UTS educates men and women of all denominations to be effective leaders who live and communicate the love and truth of God. Religious education, pastoral counseling and internship pro-grams provide opportunities for practical training in skills needed for the ministry. The Doctor of Ministry Program is a non-residential advanced degree program designed for active ministers, which gives them the opportunity to reflect on their ministries, expand their ministerial skills, and enhance their personal theological and spiritual development.

The seminary’s more than fifteen hundred graduates serve in a broad array of missions in the U.S. and overseas. They have taken up leadership positions in the church, young adult ministry, social service and family ministries, interfaith organizations and NGOs. Graduates have gone on to distinguished careers in education, journalism, law, medicine, politics and business.

UTS is building a multi-faith teaching and learning community of faculty, staff and students united in a vision for world peace through ideal families, or “one family under God.” It is open to the schools, religious bodies and individuals of faiths other than Unificationism, in particular in the local area. Effort is made to provide spiritual resources for students of different faiths, facilitating their connection to local houses of worship.

"Bridging religious and cultural divides"

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